At ECCO USA, we provide opportunities for you to expand your skills, a welcoming place to voice your ideas and the autonomy to see them through. In an effort to ensure our team members have the ability to develop and succeed, we are always seeking new ways to grow our business and our people.


At ECCO USA, we provide opportunities for you to expand your skills, a welcoming place to voice your ideas and the autonomy to see them through. In an effort to ensure our team members have the ability to develop and succeed, we are always seeking new ways to grow our business and our people.

Postgraduate Certificate & Diploma Modules

This program is designed to meet ECCO’s strategic needs while also adding value to our employees by offering a flexible, challenging and innovative learning environment. Participants are given the ability to achieve various levels of academic degrees while also having the exciting opportunity to travel to multiple ECCO units around the world, thereby helping them to apply their learnings while they deepen their understanding of the business. 

International Opportunities

As a member of the ECCO team, you'll get the chance to experience a multicultural workplace with colleagues from all over the world. We are a global family of more than 21,000 people working side-by-side to make our brand the international success that it is. We encourage our employees to embrace this global network and offer a number of opportunities for our team members to gain exposure to our various business units. The NextGen program is one example of this…click the link below to learn more.

Development Opportunities

LEAD Program

Through a combination of individual & group level activities, participants engage in an enhanced, broad-scope development experience.

In our LEAD HQ program, designed for our corporate office, warehouse and wholesale teams, participants are given opportunities to participate in self-reflection/understanding exercises and are assigned a mentor partner. They also work closely with their manager on a customized development plan that provides them the experiences they need to further develop in their existing role or towards a new role they may aspire to. As a group, the participants are assigned a strategic project based on an actual business challenge or opportunity and resulting in a final presentation to the senior management team.

In our LEAD Retail program, designed for our store management team members, participants work through a series of modules which enhance their skills in all facets of store and people management. Each module is delivered by a subject matter expert and includes tools and assignments which help in real-time application of learning.

Leadership Workshops

Leaders at all levels are given opportunities to enhance their leadership and people management skills. 

We strongly believe in the power of lifelong learning. Whether a member of senior management with many years of experience or stepping into a leadership position for the first time, there’s always something to learn and skills that can be sharpened. We’ve partnered with some of the leading global experts to deliver customized leadership development programs that use our company culture and values as a foundation to ensure our focus on taking good care of our people and helping them to grow in as many ways as we can.

Online Training

Remote learning allows us to deliver programs to all of our US team members.

Our local Learning Management System (LMS) allows us to offer a variety of personal and professional development programs that our team members can take in their own environment and at their own pace. In addition, our global ECCO LMS allows us to deliver customized training programs showcasing our brand & products, our heritage & company values, and insights into our technology & innovation behind everything we do. Team members participate in the trainings and knowledge checks to advance through learning levels and become experts in everything ECCO.

Employee-Run Committees


At ECCO, we understand that each of us plays an important role in maintaining our core values and contributing to our amazing culture. One way for our team members to get involved, is to join one of our five employee-led committees. It’s a great opportunity to work with others from across the organization while providing valuable leadership and development opportunities.

Logo Culture & Events Committee

Culture & Events Committee

A great company culture is essential to doing great business, and we don’t take ours for granted. Our Culture & Events Committee is responsible for organizing activities and programs that show appreciation for our teams and enhance our company culture. Past activities include:

  • Summer BBQs and annual outing
  • Office Olympics
  • Food trucks
  • Holiday-themed activities and more!
Logo Wellness Committee - Mind, Body, Spirit

Wellness Committee

We know that the overall health & wellness of our team is critical to the overall health & wellness of our company. Our Wellness Committee is responsible for enhancing employee wellness activities, programs and policies. Past activities include:

  • Annual Wellness Fair
  • Onsite nutrition programs
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Healthy snack baskets and infused water stations
Logo Charitable Efforts Committee

Charitable Efforts Committee

Like our parent company, ECCO USA is proud to be an organization that values community engagement. The Charitable Efforts Committee is responsible for coordinating charitable initiatives within our organization and our local communities. Some of these programs/activities include:

  • ECCO Steps Up (ECCO USA’s formal volunteer program)
  • Donation requests 
  • Identifying/sponsoring local volunteer opportunities for employees 
Logo Safety Committee

Safety Committee

There is nothing more important than the safety of our team members. Our Safety Committee is responsible for promoting and helping to maintain a safe workplace. Some of these programs/activities include: 

  • ECCO USA Safety Program
  • Quarterly Safety Inspections
  • Annual CPR/AED Training
  • Evacuation Drills & Active Threat Training

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

We value diversity and we know that it drives innovation, change, business results and employee engagement. We are committed to improving diversity in leadership and across the organization, as well as ensuring that all team members have equal access to opportunities and a true sense of belonging. Our DE&I Committee supports these efforts across five key elements:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Education
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Programs
  • Team Integration


At ECCO, we’re more than a place to work - we are a family. We're devoted to providing the best experience for our customers and our team members, and we settle for nothing but the highest quality in everything we do. Where do you fit in?